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Hey You Aint Half Bad……

Can you Play Horses?

- Some Punter in a Pub Somewhere


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This is the songlist of the last gig I played, a private function, and just remembered that I added a few extras in, like Black Betty1 ...

Spiegel Tent Stoush

Bass player pushes young guitarist into the limelight on the 12th June show for Old Salty & the Catfish Blues Band. Reports suggest ...
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A selection of Videos from YouTube you can view on the Old Salty site
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Need questions answered have a look at the FAQs on this page . If you require further information fill out the contacts form for a promo response
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A history of Old Salty Himself.

Also includes a downloadable PDF file for offline viewing
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A random selection of pics from gigs or promotional shoots

The Musicians

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Old Salty and the Catfish Blues Band comprising of Old Salty, RatMan Rhodes, Lion, Karma, Roadkill and others.

Performing Blues, Blues Rock, Pub Rock, Contemporary, Originals


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